Application of corrosion-resistant chemical fluorine-butterfly pump and valve performance is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Corrosion resistant chemical lining fluoride in the chemical industry pump application is very extensive, corrosion-resistant chemical pump can be divided into: fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump, corrosion resistant mortar pump, main transport corrosive liquid has good corrosion effect, chemical fluorine-butterfly pump is conveying liquid or causes the liquid turbo-charged machinery. is mainly used to transport the liquid, including water, oil, the sour lye, the emulsion, hangs the emulsion and the liquid metal and so on, also may transport the liquid, the mixture of gases as well as contains the suspended solid liquid. Corrosion resistant chemical pump, also known as slurry pump in phosphoric acid slurry pump, for example. Phosphoric acid slurry pump is in the process of phosphate fertilizer production of various kinds of pump to collectively, is a typical kind of strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pump. In the early development of phosphate fertilizer industry commonly used chemical corrosion-resistant pumps, some live only a week, so the pump industry experts at home and abroad in the structure of phosphoric acid slurry pump design, material testing, sealing research a lot of development on such aspects as research. In the design of phosphoric acid slurry pump, the first thing to solve the corrosion or corrosion and erosion wear problem. For structure design and mutual matching pump casing and impeller should be specially considered. Foreign metal materials used for the phosphoric acid slurry pump, is according to the different series of medium condition is made. Domestic manufacturers and research units separately to corrosion resistance and wear resistance of various materials, anhui gold pump valve to create their own anti-corrosive fluorine plastic pump, lining material such as fluorine water pump series. The valve is used to control fluid flow, pressure and flow of the device. Here are several kinds of valve device is applied: 1, the polypropylene device with the valve. Polypropylene is propylene as raw material, through the polymerization of polymer compounds, the device is mainly need gate valve, globe valve, check valve, needle valve, ball valve, steam trap. 2, propylene sunny device with the valve. The device generally need to use the API standard valve production, mainly for the gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, drain valve, needle valve, plug valve, the gate valve of the total accounted for about 75%. 3, ethylene plant with the valve. Is a leading petrochemical ethylene device, its need a variety of valve. Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, lift rod ball valve is a majority, including gate valves should be tops. “ 15 & throughout; Planning, the country still need to build six sets of annual output of 660000 tons of ethylene plant, the valve demand is considerable. In addition, large ethylene and high pressure polyethylene plant with ultra high temperature, the low temperature and super high pressure valve series products. 4, refining unit with the valve. Refining device of the valve is mostly pipe valves, mainly for the gate valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, steam trap, the valve must amount to about 80% of the total number of valves ( The valve of the device with a total investment of 3% ~ 5%) 。 5, ammonia plant with the valve. Because of the synthetic ammonia and purification methods, its technological process is different, the technical performance of the valve required is different also. At present, the domestic ammonia plant mainly need gate valve, globe valve, check valve, drain valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high temperature and low temperature valve. Among them, the cut-off valve which is according to 53 total device with a valve. 4%, the gate of 25. 1%, the trap of 7. 7%), the relief valve (2. 4%, the regulating valve and valve at low temperature, and other 11. 4%.
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