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by:J&T     2020-05-15

is a kind of rotary vacuum pump variable volume air pump, including dry screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, reciprocating pump, plunger pump, vane pump, roots water pump and diffusion pump, pressure range. Large pumping speed, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic paint and other industries. In different environments using a vacuum pump, inevitably corrosion vacuum pump. However, how to solve the problem of corrosion of the vacuum pump, generally USES the high polymer ceramic polymer to prevent wear and corrosion. Anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pumps are all parts in contact with the gas, are polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE) Materials. They apply to handling the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries in the corrosive gas, such as the suction filter, vacuum distillation and rotation. It is used for evaporation, vacuum concentration, centrifugal enrichment and solid phase extraction. Vacuum pump technical team of engineers share the types and characteristics of miniature centrifugal pump. I hope it can help you.

how it works: when the corrosion of the vacuum pump impeller rotates according to market policy, the water will be the impeller. Due to centrifugal force, water formed is determined by the shape of the pump cavity, the thickness of the sealing ring of roughly equal. The inner surface of the lower part of water ring and the impeller box just tangent, and the inner surface of the upper water ring with the tip of the blade just contact ( In fact, the blade in the impeller has certain water ring insertion depth) 。 At this point, in the interior of the impeller shell and water ring interface formed between a crescent-shaped space, and the space is corrosion resistant vacuum pump impeller blade is divided into several equal locule.

if the bottom of the corrosion of the vacuum pump impeller of 0 ° C, is before the impeller rotation, the volume of a small cavity in 180 ° C, from small to big, and with the suction connected on the face. At this point, the gas is inhaled. At the end of the gas, the small cavities from the suction. When the impeller to rotate, small cavity from big to small, so the gas is compressed. When small cavity connected with the vent gas from the eduction in corrosion resistant vacuum pump. Outside.

anti-corrosive pump on pump cavity volume changes to achieve suction, compression and exhaust, so it belongs to the variable capacity pump.

advantages of anticorrosive pump

1. Anticorrosive vacuum water pump has condensation, enhance reaction, evaporation dehydration, crystallization, concentration, filtering, degassing, oxygen supply, oil vacuum deodorization etc. Function.

2, with no oil, non-pollution, big power, low noise, convenient and flexible, water-saving power-saving, etc.

3。 Machine has five single meters tube operation of air exhaustor are fixed and can be used alone or in parallel.

4。 It can direct inhalation of corrosive medium, such as flammable and explosive gas, all kinds of liquid and granular media.

5。 Compared with other types of vacuum pump, it has a large water output and low position.

6, corrosion resistance, no pollution, stable running, saving water, save electricity, fuel efficient, long service life and low maintenance cost.

7。 There are many types of selection of anticorrosive vacuum pump.

8。 There is a vacuum adjustment knob on the front panel, the highest working temperature of 40 degrees.

anticorrosive the functions and characteristics of the vacuum pump

1) Pollution free and maintenance free

the working principle of the vacuum water pump adopts the piston's no need for a smooth oil processing, so there is no need to maintain oil regularly, there is no doubt that oil mist pollution.

2) Floating ball spill-proof maintenance equipment

vacuum pump has a built-in Prote ™ floating ball filter suite, helps to prevent damage due to accidental pumping water solution.

3) Overheating maintenance equipment

each type of maintenance equipment with vacuum pump inside the motor overheating. When the body internal temperature is too high, it will automatically stop and wait for the temperature cooling after restarting.

4) Air intake filtration equipment

vacuum pump the air inlet of every unit is equipped with filter, can filter dust and moisture to purify the air inlet, and extend the service life of cylinder and piston.

anti-corrosion quiet diaphragm vacuum pumps, oil free, small vibration, can meet the needs of most of the laboratory. Its antiseptic properties have been widely used in universities, research institutions, enterprises and institutions of research and development base and so on all sorts of laboratory.

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