Anticorrosive pump motor three-phase four fluorine can use electricity of a phase, what consequence can you have?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Anticorrosion four fluorine water pump is conveying alkali salt, strong corrosion liquid pump, four fluorine material, strong anticorrosion performance, resistance to corrosion medium, comprehensive anticorrosive explosion-proof, no leakage, in the environmental design, chemical production projects are common, four fluorine pump adopts three-phase 380 v motor basic form, can use three-phase short of a phase in the use, what are the consequences? Users in the use in motor fault is what causes? 1, when the motor running short of a phase in the process of three-phase asynchronous motor running if all of a sudden lack of phase, so the speed of the motor will soon, at this time the motor stator winding current also increases a lot, at the same time will issue & other; Buzz throughout the &; Abnormal sound, in this case the motor will not run for a long time, will otherwise three-phase motor burn down. We can use a word phrase to remember the dangers of three-phase motor open phase running, that's & other Motor open phase the mo, ruled out as early as possible can avoid disaster & throughout; 。 2, three-phase motor startup phase is short of a three phase motor open phase running is refers to the motor stator winding of the three-phase power supply is short of a phase. In the motor of a phase, if this time motor electric start, motor general will find & other; Buzz throughout the &; Voice, and the rise at a slower speed of the motor. When the load under the condition of heavy drag by the machine, can not meet the prescribed speed when starting, couldn't even start up. In this state if continued for long time, electricity opportunities because of long time high current lead to motor overheating, serious when smoke fire burned. 3, the cause of the three phase motor open phase lacks generally sum up the cause of the three-phase motor can be divided into external three-phase motor and three-phase motor internal two: three phase motor open phase external reasons: in the case of a large number of maintenance is common in the motor terminal box wiring loose screws; Second is loose connection or oxidation of three-phase power supply circuit, such as some contactor contact point contact undesirable or large contact resistance and cause the electricity power supply phase; And the fuse of the fuse disconnect or not after fastening, etc. Three phase motor open phase internal reasons: internal reasons generally rare, usually in three-phase motor lead wire fracture. Then we can measure three-phase winding dc resistance, resistance is very big, or if one phase to infinity, the winding is the opening phase. If basic balanced three-phase resistor, you can rule out the reason of the motor. So three phase motor open phase running is harmful to motor is very big, we can adopt some measures to protect when three phase motor open phase running. Such as thermal relay with open phase protection can be used to open phase protection, the stator windings into Y, we can use the poles or thermal relay on the structure of the tertiary phase failure protection; If the motor stator windings into triangle, then we can only use 3 phase failure protection device of thermal relay, so as to realize phase failure protection.
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