Anticorrosive pump head diameter size connection concentric reducer and eccentric reducer?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Anticorrosive water pump in the use of installation, connection pipe diameter size is different, in and out of the caliber of pump is relatively fixed, that how to connect, will usually choose change the flange commonly known as the size of the head, in line, we choose concentric reducer and eccentric reducer? Reducer for scientific names, common popular known also become size head believes everyone not unfamiliar, its role is connection pipe, to connect two pipes of different specification, sometimes it is the smaller pipes used, sometimes also is a small pipe larger pipe used. Anyway, work is the connection of two different diameter of pipe. Reducer connected its appearance is a head a little, so to be known as reducer, itself is a big head and little head? We described above the role of the reducer, we can understanding to the reducer is a connection pipe of a variable diameter tube size, such as our 10 & quot; Pipeline need to eight & quot; Pipeline, so we will use the reducer for a transition or fittings, pipeline because itself not to be able to get, of course at the ends of the wall thickness is generally need to be consistent; And in some cases, such as we need to head on a small branch out, sometimes is also using reducer to transition; Design line when we generally design of rigorous safety, but no one can guarantee there is no change to the scene to install, because there is a difference between design and actual situation, such as some actual operation or need temporary change or increase in construction equipment, etc. , these are all need to live improvisation. Reducer is divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer, both have in common, the function, the ends of the same specification size, wall thickness, height, the only difference is a big head and little head is not the same as the two ends of concentricity, concentric reducer for up and down the center of the two ports on a vertical line, and the eccentric reducer for two end center is not in a vertical line.
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