Anticorrosive pump flow requirements, small flow standard is how much?

by:J&T     2020-06-19
The anticorrosion properties of the anticorrosive pump is a pump, the parameters of the pump flow, head, etc. , for the small flow pump is small to what, pump flow has a standard flow, the size and flow regulation of floating; A, what is the small flow water pump line in order to ensure the safety of pump starting and normal operation, the required pump have small discharge flow, this is the small centrifugal pump flow. Work flow under 30% rated flow of pump, the pump should be set up under the low flow small flow line (for normal operation of the In the centrifugal pump discharge line and a return line) , known as the small flow line. Second, the small flow pump, protection of the small flow of the pump generally there are three ways. Respectively is: continuous circulation system design, design or design pump protection valve system control loop system. 1, design the loop control valve protection system advantages: (1) the change in the flow control valve automatic identification, automatic open and bypass circuit of the main road, fully automatic control; (2) no other external devices or components control; (3) cost savings. 2, design continuous loop system advantages: less investment; When there is little traffic on the process conditions, current limiting orifice plate bypass automatic first to eliminate it. Disadvantages: however much traffic, craft need to bypass line always flow through. Choose the pump should be put on the bypass flow is attached to the operation flow, otherwise easy to cause the pump output is not enough; Operation cost is higher; When the pump head high, liquid and are in a saturated temperature, current limiting plate hole may occur after gasification. 3, design control loop system advantages: selected pump could bypass flow value; Choose the bypass only in small flow condition automatically open, normally closed in order to save energy. Weakness: increase a set of control circuit of cost is too high. Three, each type of centrifugal pump has small flow rate, lower than the flow of centrifugal pump cavitation occurs ( There is also a big allows the work flow, between the two flow is the centrifugal pump allows the workspace) 。 1, when the flow rate under small flow pump, vibration speed will increase, in order to prevent the pump cavitation, adjusted to open small return line, keep pump in steady state operation ( Role with compressor vibration prevention chuai line is a bit like) 2, some of the centrifugal pump can't stop the pump, such as boiler feed pump. Boilers are usually made of pump water supply, according to the demand of different ( Lazy like winter alexi much less during the day, the wee hours) Need to adopt several pump water supply, with this small flow line, need to shut down the pump can be in in small flow loop ( Small consumed power) But I don't need to stop the pump - Irrigation pump - Open pump operation again and again. 3, high pressure centrifugal pump pump, in order to prevent damage of pump pressure-out, before the pump to open small return line.
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