Anticorrosive centrifugal pump take time to have an impact on mechanical seal?

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Anticorrosive centrifugal pump is a centrifugal pump with corrosion resistance, basic using centrifugal pump mechanical seal, mechanical seal usually has two forms, one is single mechanical seal, one is the water cycle of double end face seal. Most of centrifugal pump on the market USES a single mechanical seal, the seal in use, if there's time in centrifugal pump, which is affected more serious parts, the first is mechanical seal, pump in idling, leaking mechanical seal wear and tear, the second is the pump cover, impeller and the pump shaft, the other parts so centrifugal pump is to ban idling, below is the pump to cause and countermeasures; A, when the centrifugal pump to occur, it will be accompanied by the following conditions: 1, the motor current, pressure fluctuations, flow abnormal fluctuations. 2, pump body, vibration, a different acoustic noise, temperature rise of the pump cylinder. Time phenomenon causes and corresponding measures: 1, the reason: the centrifugal pump inlet valve or valve core off measures: should make maintenance after open the valve or pump change; 2, reason: centrifugal pump outlet opening is too big ( Small) Measures: should be appropriately adjust the valve opening; 3, reason: at the entrance of a centrifugal pump pressure is not enough measures: entry level should improve back pressure; 4, reason: centrifugal pump at the entrance to the clogging measures: should stop the pump to check leakage inlet pipeline centrifugal pump, filter and impeller, after scavenging for maintenance; 5, reason: a centrifugal pump impeller or grinding ring and serious. Measures should be timely replacement of 6, reason: centrifugal pump motor reversal measures: should timely adjust the steering. 7, reason: centrifugal pump medium high temperature saturated steam at the entrance is too big: should lower the temperature in the medium, the centrifugal pump in steam vent line net; 8, reason: centrifugal pump tower or container liquid level level low or no liquid level; Measures: should be temporarily closed small centrifugal pump outlet valve or pump stop processing, liquid level rise after the recovery; 9, reason: centrifugal pump seal oil with water measures: should make dehydration processing for the seal oil tank 10, reason: at the entrance of a centrifugal pump leakage measures: should stop the water pump to check leakage of centrifugal pump inlet pipe and the flange; Three time phenomenon, centrifugal pump, pump 1 time, using the rinse solution ( It is using pumping medium flushing) Mechanical seal of dynamic and static ring face lost its cooling and lubrication, dry friction, mechanical seal failure. 2, pump body, vibration, mechanical seal dynamic and static ring will continue to occur intermittent collision, lead to leakage, serious when mechanical seal failure; 3, mechanical seal of ring clamp is medium pressure and the pre-tightening force sum of the spring, after the time, will be no media pressure, dynamic and static ring of the contact pressure will be smaller, seal failure.
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