Anticorrosive centrifugal pump mechanical seal installation steps required attention

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Anticorrosion common centrifugal pump has a fluorine plastic centrifugal pump and the stainless steel material of anticorrosive centrifugal pump, and general engineering plastics and PP anticorrosive centrifugal water pump, the liquid of the corrosive degree of different materials are different, the selection of mechanical seal is different also, the market of price disparity with the use of anti-corrosion water pump mechanical seal is the corresponding material requirements, then the mechanical seal appeared damaged need to change what steps need to pay attention to? Anticorrosive pump mechanical seal installation to change the erroneous zone 1, ring seal for use and precautions of figure as tight as possible really ring seal tight more harm than good. One is the wear between seal and shaft sleeve, prematurely leak; 2 it is to increase the axial adjustment, mobile, the resistance of the ring in working condition changes frequently unable to timely adjust; 3 it is spring excessive exhaustion easily damaged; Four is to make the ring seal deformation, affect the sealing effect. 2 and static ring sealing ring as tight as possible static ring sealing ring in static state, the basic relatively tight sealing effect will be better, but too tight is also harmful. One is the cause of excessive static ring seal for deformation, affect the sealing effect; The second is the static ring material in the majority with graphite, generally brittle, excessive stress can easily cause fracture; Three is to install and remove the difficult and easy to damage the static ring. 3, the new is better than the old, in contrast, new mechanical seal pumps use effect is better than the old, but the quality of the new mechanical seal or material choose not to at that time, cooperate with size error is meeting influence sealing effect; In polymerized and medium permeability, and the static ring without excessive wear, or not to change as well. Because the static ring in static ring long time in the stationary state, make the polymer and the sediment is an organic whole, played a good sealing effect. Choose as far as possible when to change the original factory configuration of mechanical seal. 4, repairing and is better than not hurt once appear, the mechanical seal leakage is eager to overhaul, in fact, the seal is not damaged, sometimes simply adjustment condition or proper seal can eliminate leakage. So avoid waste and can verify their fault judgement ability, maintenance experience improve repair quality. 5, the greater the amount of spring compression the better sealing effect actually otherwise, large amount of spring compression, which can lead to sharp wear and friction pair instantaneous loss; Excessive compression spring lose the ability of adjusting ring end face, lead to seal failure. 6 and multistage centrifugal water pump impeller lock tight, the better the mechanical seal leakage, the sleeve and the shaft leakage between ( The leakage of the shaft between) Is more common. Is generally believed that the leakage of the shaft between the impeller lock the mother didn't lock, actually lead to leakage of the shaft between many factors, such as axial failure, migration, contains impurities between shaft, shaft and shaft sleeve with larger shape error, contact surface damage, shaft have clearance between components, shaft thread is too long can lead to leakage between shaft. Mother lock lock will only cause axial mat premature failure, on the contrary moderate lock to lock the mother, the shaft between the mat keeps certain compression elasticity, lock the mother in operation will automatically lock timely, remain the state of good sealing between the shaft.
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