Anticorrosive centrifugal pump can be idle? How long will burn out idle?

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Anticorrosive centrifugal pump is very much in anticorrosive pump use type pump, centrifugal pump with common centrifugal pump, self-priming centrifugal pump, magnetic centrifugal pump, and so on, in addition to the self-priming centrifugal pump has the liquid storage chamber, after the filling of liquid can be fit, ordinary centrifugal pump, magnetic centrifugal pump are not to smoke, also there is idle, in the operation of the centrifugal pump, water pump idle is not allowed, some users after installation commissioning, tend to be idle point, feel idle also no problem, in fact, idling centrifugal pump in a short time will not damage ( Within 1 minute) 。 Suggest centrifugal pump to ban idling, commissioning also cannot lack of liquid idling, lest cause damage of dry grinding; Idle in the face of the centrifugal pump are under analysis solution and notice requirements; Idling, centrifugal pump impeller no contact or rarely contact medium, can't effectively work, liquid cannot carry out normally, these are made useless. Motor of load because of the lack of effective work are very small, and generate an electric current is small, influence won't have any for motor, water pump idling for pump is fatal. Idle pump cavitation, easily damage to pump body with flow; Idle form of pump mechanical seal or packing seal form idling, will not get fluid lubrication, lead to dry grinding, quickly damage; Idling of rotor pump parts, pump experience fever, no liquid cooling with heat bilges cold shrink the role of the narrow gap position ( Such as seal ring) It is easy to bite dead; Idling of multistage centrifugal pump balance disc no lubrication, balance disc will soon be burned to death, damage. A, centrifugal pump idling reasons: insufficient water pump imported medium or feed water pressure is not enough, or the water pump inlet pipe blockage, or the pump cavity air has no rows in the body. And maintenance of the early warning system for centrifugal pump idling suggest another level to the design of centrifugal pump: 1, the position of each centrifugal pump clearance, under the condition of allowing to expand, prevent killed; 2, the axis of centrifugal pump special craft processing, tempering, heat treatment, etc. , to improve the hardness, with flexible low material, prevent idling big swing and killed; 3, use do not need to rely on liquid medium lubrication machine, packing chamber sealing body; 4, choose enclosed self-lubricating bearing without refueling. Horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump in the pump cavity volume relative to other centrifugal water pump has more space, have a rainwater storage location. Self-priming centrifugal pump work ago, cavity body filled with liquid, has a self-priming time before operation, pushing air this time into the pump body, this paragraph of time belongs to the part of the idle. Second, use note: set the idling induction system. Through the modern equipment for real-time monitoring of the pump, when there is idle centrifugal pump immediately alarm and automatically stop, ensure the safety of the unit. Piping installation instructions, installation 1 weight should not be added on the pump, should have their own bearing body, lest make deformation affecting the running performance and life span. 2, easy to maintenance and use of safety, in the import and export pipeline pump is the installation of a regulator and in the vicinity of pump discharge to install a pressure gauge, to ensure the rated head and flow rate within the scope of operation, to ensure normal operation of pump, increase service life of the pump. 3, the discharge line such as non-return valve should be installed outside the gate. 4 after install, changing the pump shaft, impeller should be no friction or stuck phenomenon, otherwise the pump should be disassemble to reason. 5, pump installation is divided into rigid connection and flexible connector installed. 6, the structure of the pump and motor as a whole, the installation without alignment, so installation is very convenient. 7, when installation, must tighten the anchor bolts, in order to avoid when starting the influence of vibration on the pump performance. 8 and check carefully before installation of pumps pump flow passage without affecting the operation of the pump hard objects ( Such as stones, iron grain, etc. ) In order to avoid damage to the impeller and pump body pump run time. 9, for occasions, suction pump should be equipped with a bottom valve, and import pipeline should not have too many corners, at the same time can not have leakage, leakage phenomenon.
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