Anticorrosion four fluorine water pump in small flow area for a long time running have harm?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Four fluorine anti-corrosion pump is conveying acid and alkali, strong corrosion resistant pumps, users under the small flow pump running for a long time, the pump will cause harm? Generally small centrifugal pump flow is 30% of the rated flow, if the harm of pumps in small flow area for a long time running are: 1, run small flow for a long time, the water pump always is in a state of pressure-out, causing the vibration of the water pump is too large, shorten service life. With reasonable pump work area deviation is too big, certainly will cause the damage of the pump, the solution can be: cutting impeller ( Economic and practical way) 。 2, decreased efficiency, waste of electricity within 3, long-term small flow pump temperature, easy to cause cavitation, have damage to the impeller. Solutions can be: add return line, used reflux pipe valve to control the actual flow, to prevent the pump run in small flow condition, have protection purposes.
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