Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic self-priming pump installation note have?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic self-priming pump outside using cast steel lined with fluoroplastic F46 was made of high temperature, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for conveying any concentration of acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents and other corrosive liquid, anhui gold production of fluorine plastic self-priming pump valve has the fluoroplastic alloy centrifugal self-priming water pump, fluorine plastic magnetic self-priming pump, has a strong self-priming performance, corrosion resistance performance is good, stable running, fluorine plastic magnetic isolation device for the self-priming pump through magnetic force to drive the impeller to complete delivery, no leakage, more environmentally friendly, fluorine plastic self-priming pump self-priming height 3 meters commonly, specific conditions can be up to 6 - 7 meters. So for fluorine plastic self-priming pump installation what are the requirements, should pay attention to what? One, before the installation of fluorine plastic self-priming pump should be in accordance with the basis of self-priming pump size make appropriate concrete foundation, and in the process of doing concrete foundation and the anchor bolt embedded. Do concrete foundation refers to the self-priming pump products, big small self-priming pump is don't have to do concrete foundation. Put the self-priming pump in concrete, based on the vibration isolation cushion is placed between base plate and foundation, and by adjusting the isolation cushion of high and low to find is the level of the pump, after the set screw down the bolt. Second, before the installation of self-priming pump self-priming pump should be carefully checked each bolt looseness is there, if there is any foreign body inside the pump body fall into, in order to avoid damage of self-priming pump run-time impeller. Three, before starting the self-priming pump installed should turn pump shaft pump cavity fill liquid at the same time, to make liquid pump cavity exhaust, the purpose of checking pump have leakage phenomenon, the impeller should be no friction or jammed phenomenon, such as grinding or stuck phenomenon should be resolved pump apart and check the specific reason. Four, self-priming pump suction pipe and the water pipe can't rely on the water pump to support, but need to separate stents to prop up the import and export pipeline, and import and export of the pipe diameter should be in conformity with the caliber of self-priming pump, especially the import pipe can't get bigger, bigger after affects the self-priming height of self-priming pump, self-priming pump inlet piping if installed, the reduced export pipeline must also narrow, we suggest is to press the factory standard caliber configuration corresponding pipe. Five, in case of self-priming pump factory import and export have a dust cover, should remove the dust cover with the pipe connection, it is important to note if you are using quick absorption of self-priming pump products, export pipeline must be vertical to turn after 1 meter, or in the process of self-priming water pump body inside of water diversion is easy to be free. Six, in order to convenient maintenance and use of safety, in the import and export of self-priming pump should be the installation of a control valve in the pipeline, and also need in the outlet valve is installed between the pump and a pressure gauge, to ensure the self-priming pump used in the rated flow and head, so as to achieve self-priming pump works to extend the service life of self-priming pump.
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