Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic magnetic pump structure performance have?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic magnetic pump is now in the chemical industry of acid, alkali and strong corrosion liquid transportation common pump, magnetic pump with stainless steel magnetic water pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump, self-priming magnetic pump, magnetic pump by the pump shaft, the magnetic rotor pump body, isolation sets of completely closed, so as to thoroughly solve the & other; Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; Problem, eliminates the oil refining chemical industry flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful medium by pump seal leakage of safe hidden trouble. Normal magnetic pump installation, start up, operation and shutdown operation, technical parameters and considering magnetic pump itself, and the characteristics of the transmission medium. The density of magnetic pump transmission medium is not more than 1300 kg/m3, viscosity is not greater than 30 & times; 10 - 6 m3 / S excluding ferromagnetic fluid and fiber. Temperature rating of the commonly used magnetic pump for pump body for metal material or the lining F46, working temperature is 80 - 100 ℃, rated pressure of 1. 6MPa; The use of high temperature magnetic pump temperature & le; 150℃; For the pump body for non-metal material, temperature not to exceed 60 ℃, the rated pressure of 0. 6MPa。 Anhui gold fluoroplastic alloy material within normal temperature at 100 degrees, for medium density is greater than 1600 kg/m3 liquid, magnetic coupling should be separately designed. Magnetic pump bearing lubrication cooling with medium to be delivered, and magnetic pump it is strictly prohibited to no-load running. Magnetic pump operation, must use a small amount of liquid ring between internal magnetic rotor and isolation sets gap area and sliding bearing friction pair to flush the cooling. Coolant flow rate is usually 2% of the pump design flow 3%, clearance between magnetic rotor and isolation sets of area due to the eddy current and high quantity of heat generation. When the cooling lubricant or flushing hole, jams, will lead to the medium temperature is higher than the work of the permanent magnet temperature, make the inner magnetic rotor gradually lose magnetism, the magnetic actuator failure. When the medium is water or aqueous solution, can make the maintained at 3 - the rise of temperature of the annular region 5℃; When the medium for hydrocarbon or oil, can make the temperature rise at 5 - ring gap area 8℃。
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