Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump use fault problem analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Anti-corrosive fluorine plastic centrifugal pump in the chemical industry, fluorine plastic magnetic pump is chemical manufacturers often use corrosion pump forhandling corrosive liquids, anhui gold pump valve fluorine plastic material applied to any concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosion liquid, not only has to bear or endure corrupt sex also has a certain resistance to wear, by the broad masses of the user's consistent high praise, the water pump in use process will appear what problem of how to solve? On the one hand, choose brand water pump, to a certain extent, can reduce the incidence of failure; , on the other hand, in the process of using some small fault, in fact, 80% can be solved, oneself as long as the master some quick elimination method, which can be exempted from many unpleasant little obstacles, worry and effort. Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump and fluorine plastic magnetic pump is composed of pump body and motor, motor and pump body common faults of the two, first should examine the power supply situation: joint connection is strong; Whether the switch contact meticulous; If the fuse fusing; Three-phase power supply is short of equal. If there is open circuit, poor contact, fusing, lack of phase, should find out the reason and repair in time. Second: to examine whether mechanical failure of the pump itself. Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump common problems are: 1, the water pump can't start the common cause: the packing too tightly or between the impeller and the pump body is sundry pile up and jam; shaft, bearings, minus leakage ring rust to live; shaft severe bending, etc. Method: relax packing, dredge flume; Disassemble water pump body to remove debris, rust; Remove the pump shaft correction or replacement of new pump shaft. Causes: 2, suck water pump with air or gas inlet pipe product inside body, or don't tight bottom valve is closed, the irrigation water diversion discontent, vacuum packing leakage, a gate or door closed lax. Method: a. The water first, again will pump body filled with water, and then switched on. Examine the check valve is tight at the same time, pipe, joint presence of air leakage phenomenon, if discover leak, disassembled, in coated with lubricating oil or mixed paint, joint and twist screws. b。 Check the pump shaft seal ring, if badly worn should be replaced a new parts. c。 Piping water or air. May be installed when the nut is not tight. If leakage is not serious, but in a flat or a leaking place daub cement, or coated with asphalt mixing the slurry oil. A temporary repair can put some wet mud or soft soap. If the joint leakage, usable spanner tighten nut, if leaking serious it must be to tear open outfit, replace the crackled pipe; Reduce the head, to press the pump nozzle into underwater 0. 5m。 Causes: 3, water pump water pump body and suction pipe didn't fill up water diversion; Dynamic water level below the pump filter tube; Suction pipe burst, etc. Elimination method: bottom valve failure, filling water diversion; Reduce the installation position of water water pump, filter tube making under the dynamic water level, dynamic water level rise or filter pipe pumping again, Repair or replace the suction pipe. 4, power consumption is too large to produce reason: water pump speed is too high; Water pump shaft bending or water pump shaft and motor spindle different heart or not parallel; Selects the pump head is not appropriate; suction sediment or plugs; Motor bearing damage, etc. Processing method: check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; Correct pump spindle or adjust the pump and motor position; Choose appropriate lift pump; Clear silt or blockage; Replace the ball bearing of the motor. More than 5, flow insufficient reasons: to suction pipe leakage, bottom valve leakage; Water inlet blocked; Bottom valve into the water depth is insufficient; Water pump speed is too low; Sealing ring or impeller wear too much; Suction height exceeds bid, etc. Method: check the suction pipe and the bottom valve, plug leakage gas source; Clean up the water inlet of silt or plugs; Bottom valve into the depth of the water must be greater than 1 the diameter of the inlet pipe. Five times, increase the bottom valve into the depth of the water; Check the power supply voltage, rotating speed of the pump, replace the sealing ring or impeller; Reduce the installation position of water pump, or replace the high-lift pump. 6, the shaft or motor bearing overheating causes: lack of lubricating oil or bearing fracture, etc. Methods: filling lubricating oil or replace bearing. 7, pump body, vibration or noise causes: the pump installation not firm or pump installation is too high; Motor bearing damage; Water water pump shaft bending or different heart and motor spindle, not parallel, etc. Methods: steady water pump or reduce the pump installation height; Replace the motor ball bearings; Correct bending pumps spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and motor.
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