Anti-corrosion magnetic pump should be how to choose -

by:J&T     2020-05-15

corrosion resistant magnetic water pump is a kind of using modern magnetics principles and realize non-contact indirect permanent magnet chemical process pump. When the motor drives the outer rotor rotates the outer magnetic steel components, the lines of magnetic force through the spacer, drive the inner rotor is in synchronization with the impeller rotating magnetic steel components, medium completely closed in static of sleeve, so as to achieve the aim of pumping medium does not leak, so how to choose the suitable anticorrosive magnetic pump in production?

( 1) According to production needs, the choice of the anti-corrosion magnetic pump should be fully meet the requirements of traffic, and in the process of production. Selected the types and characteristics of corrosion resistant magnetic pump should satisfy flow, lift, pressure, temperature, NPSH, the technological parameter of the suction top requirements. The performance good, match the capacity required for the project and head, strong adaptability to changes in technology and good stability type pump is mainly from the following several aspects.

( 2) From a complete series of products to select high efficiency and oil absorption performance is good, wide applicable scope of the anti-corrosion magnetic pump. When are available in a variety of pump selection, should carry on the economic and technical analysis.

( 3) When the series of products can not meet the requirement of the selection, program design and manufacture new products according to regulations. When engineering required head changes greatly, should choose high - Low curve steep fall in the pump. When the project requires a great changing flow, should choose H - with gentle Q curve of the pump. should be selected as far as possible within the scope of its high-efficiency operation, that is close to design ( Rated) Working point. New design and manufacture of magnetic drive centrifugal pump in various working conditions should be able to make the safe operation of the unit, and no cavitation, vibration and overload.

( 4) Meet the requirements of dielectric properties. For conveying inflammable, explosive, poisonous, harmful, corrosive or precious medium anti-corrosion magnetic pump, requirement of static sealing is reliable. The corrosion resistance of magnetic force water pump forhandling corrosive mediums, requires that all pressure flow components with corrosion resistant materials. For conveying contains a small amount of solid particles of medium magnetic pump, all pressure flow components need to wear resistant material.

( 5) Choose the corrosion resistance of magnetic pump in the long run should have higher average efficiency, low energy consumption and low operation cost.

( 6) Economically, the equipment cost and operation cost be taken into account, the total cost of the maintenance costs and management costs. the type and amount of choice, make the investment in the economy of the whole system, save investment cost.

( 7) Mechanical reliability is high, low noise, small vibration, easy construction, operation, management and maintenance easy.

( 8) To transport the pump, the pump on the type and amount of should satisfy between pump and the water pump flow coordination requirements, the pump flow should be less than or flow due to improper flow coordination is too large.

( 9) Coupling relationship between the quality of the material to the service life and reliability of the pump, magnetic coupling of a single material is expensive. Therefore, when ordering should indicate the magnetic coupling material, supplier and its performance index. Also should pay attention to sliding bearing materials and service life.

( 10) In order to maintain the project quality, in order to keep the project quality and schedule, and is generally not suitable entrust domestic manufacturer development beyond product parameter range of the pump.

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