Anti-corrosion lining fluorine plastic valve installation considerations and use performance is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Anti-corrosion lining fluoride plastic pump is commonly used to handle corrosive liquid alkali salt, anticorrosive pump, pump at the same time, in the use of lining fluorine valve pipe must also anti-corrosion, lining fluorine plastic valves using performance and installation need to pay attention to what? Reasonable selection and application of the lining fluorine plastic anti-corrosion valve, everybody CARES in engineering problem, fluorine plastic anticorrosive water pump and valve in the petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, electric power industries strong corrosive medium such as acid-base contact device has been widely used, but on how to choose good, with good lining fluorine plastic valves, according to our customers for many years field application experience, transform fluorine plastic anti-corrosion valve selection to medium temperature, pressure, pressure several matters needing attention conditions as follows: 1, lining fluorine plastic valves using the medium conditions of lining fluorine plastic valves use medium conditions unfavorable are hard particles, crystallization, impurities and so on, in order to avoid the valve in the open and closed torn in the operation of the valve core, the seat of the lining of fluorine plastic layer or ptfe bellows. Of medium hard particles, crystallization, impurities, choose, valve core and valve seat can convert hartz alloy. 2, lining fluorine plastic valves use of medium temperature. The fluorine plastic lining fluorine plastic valves is F46 ( 聚全氟乙丙烯) , the use of medium temperature should not exceed 150 ℃ ( Medium in a short time to a temperature of 150 ℃, the use of long time temperature should be controlled within 120 ℃) , otherwise, the valve parts of lining F46 softening, deformation, the valves are closed tightly, big leakage. If the use of medium temperature under 180 ℃ temperature for short periods of time, temperature under 150 ℃ for a long time, can choose another kind of fluorine plastic - PFA, but line of PFA fluorine plastic than lining F46 in price to expensive, fluorine-butterfly pump material selection is the same. 3, don't be negative pressure. Lining fluorine plastic valves should avoid the use of pipeline in negative pressure, such as negative pressure, the body is easy to cause the lining of fluorine plastic layer sucked out ( Drum out) , shells, which leads to the valve opening and closing down. 4, lining fluorine plastic valve should be according to the need of traffic ( Cv value) The right to choose valve size. When choose, should according to the need of traffic ( Cv value) Computing technology parameters, such as valve should choose the size and the opening of the valve, such as valve's size too big, is bound to make the valve in the case of small opening operation for a long time, and a medium pressure, so easy to make valve core and valve rod by the impact of the media and make the valve vibrates, valve core rod under the impact of the media for a long time, may even make stem fracture. 5, pressure, differential pressure should be controlled within the scope of the permit. Especially bellows seal rubber fluorine plastic valve, cut-off valve. Because of corrugated pipe is made of four fluorine material, pressure, differential pressure big, easy to cause the corrugated pipe burst. Bellows seal rubber fluorine plastic regulator, using conditions of pressure, differential pressure big, can be changed to four fluorine packing seal.
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