Anti-corrosion chemical pump pipe welding quality requirement and technical process

by:J&T     2020-06-18
The use of anti-corrosion chemical water pump main anti-corrosion effect, chemical manufacturer must to the requirement of pipe corrosion, such as pipe welding quality requirement and technical process can't cause leakage, is a very serious problem, for the anti-corrosion chemical water pump pipe welding method has a lot of, also have different, the kinds of welding with welding method has its outstanding, at the same time it still has disadvantages. Such as all kinds of welding defects, cracks, porosity, slag inclusion, welding stress, affecting the stability of the pipe size; Welding deformation affects the size of the pipeline and form &position deviations, etc. A welding quality, welding, and all kinds of problems, how can reduce the all kinds of bad? Welding welding technology, just as its name implies is to use scientific method, the appropriate welding parameters, reasonable tooling equipment, satisfies the requirement of operation skills of the combination of the welder, etc, to complete the welding process. Second, the welding technology personnel who not jing, production management personnel and the welder is not listen to technology, even, they according to the mode of their habits to complete welding products. There are some other factors, such as welding technology level is insufficient, not formal training; Not according to the welding materials management and distribution, and use the provisions; The negligence of technical clarificaiton work before welding, welding supervision does not reach the designated position, etc. As a welding engineer for the company, therefore, the production management personnel to understand the importance of welding technology, not to blindly command production; Welding engineers should pay attention to theory combined with the actual, do achieve mastery through a comprehensive technology. For welding technical training can not only operating skills, more should improve their cognition of technology. A lot of manufacturers, the welding process is not comply with process discipline and let the workers want to how how welding welding, welding to calculate what. After completion of welding, if there are can't accept the bad, just use carbon arc air gouging, repair welding. Little imagine, the welding heat source, namely the processing method of welding products, is the metallurgical properties of the metal material to destroy. Reasonable heat source, which can guarantee the product welding is complete, at the same time also can ensure the mechanical properties of welded joint, such as strength, toughness, etc. Unreasonable welding heat source will ruin the mechanics performance of the metal, also is to make the product performance and service life of the part or all of the loss.
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