Analyses the roots vacuum pump operating procedures -

by:J&T     2020-06-05
A roots vacuum pump operating procedures, prior to the start of preparing

( 1) According to the specification of the pump.

( 2) Check if the water enough.

( 3) Adjust the electric contact pressure gauge pointer is 0. 5 * 105 ~ 1. 0 * 105 pa, and adjust each electric contact according to the actual situation of pump system of vacuum gauge pointer value. This value is controlled by each instrument allows the start of the roots vacuum pump, the later and start the roots vacuum pump pressure value should be lower than before the start of work stress value of the roots vacuum pump.

( 4) Rotate each pump shaft by hand, and will not occur. If the shutdown time is very long, it must be before the start to remove it.

2, start the program

( 1) Suggest open the water inlet valve and the adjustment to better level. At this time, due to the effect of pumping of the former stage pump, the gas in the pumping system is pumped through the roots vacuum pump. When this phenomenon with the system pressure drops down to a certain pressure, roots vacuum pump will stop rotating.

( 2) When the pressure in the system to achieve the permission of the roots vacuum pump to start and work pressure, step by step to start the roots vacuum water pump. The roots vacuum pump starts, please pay attention to the temperature and electric current of the water pump. If the overheating or large current, please stop the roots vacuum pump and check the reason. When the roots vacuum pump work, are not allowed to stop backing pump ( Oil-free vacuum pump) 。

3, shutdown procedure

( 1) Close the official channel on the intake valve.

( 2) Phasing out the roots vacuum pump, pump in the middle, intermediate pump and backing pump.

( 3) Shut down the main inlet valve and stop the water supply.

( 4) Cut off power supply.

reading this article also read the vacuum pump system, select the main points of the vacuum pump, remember!

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