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by:J&T     2020-05-23

in order to reduce the corrosion speed of water ring vacuum water pump, daily corrosion prevention and maintenance of the vacuum pump is very important. In addition, still need through some improvement measures to further improve the corrosion resistance. Alleviate the measures of water ring vacuum pump corrosion is what?

a, the improvement of water ring vacuum pump impeller

in water ring vacuum pump, the impeller easy to corrosion, is also a serious corrosion parts. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of impeller parts, can drill the first stainless steel plate, the hole should be based on the perimeter of the impeller uniform layout. Insert the drilling of stainless steel plate in the sand mold, add hot metal into the sand mould casting and connection. At this point, we should pay attention to make molten iron through a hole on the stainless steel plate, connecting a hoop, and to ensure that the sealing ring. Stainless steel and iron the tightness between the deciding the success or failure of the whole improvement activities. Therefore, it is necessary to close and fit as much as possible.

the improvement of water ring vacuum water pump impeller corrosion resistance can follow the above Suggestions.

2, improvement of water ring vacuum water pump pump body

under normal circumstances, vacuum pump experience was corrosion in a month or so, lead to connected to the two end cover grooves become loose and not tight connection, which may lead to a loss of vacuum vacuum pump. The vacuum pump body corrosion resistance would be increased by the following methods. First of all, acid-resistant rubber installed in the pump body. When the pump body corrosion is serious, can be coated on acid-resistant rubber resin adhesive. This is a more direct, more convenient, but the service time is shorter. When the cement fall off naturally, the erosion of the pump body limits. Another method is to use steel plate to reduce the corrosion of the pump body. Install the steel plate on both ends of the pump body, stainless steel plate welding after coiling in the middle. This is a kind of to reduce the degree of corrosion, isolation, the source of the corrosion, effect is good, protect a long time. Because it can isolate the flow of the pump in the pump body material, reduce the degree of corrosion, and will not affect the degree of vacuum. This also is stainless steel water ring vacuum pump with one of the reasons for the strong corrosion resistance.

three, improvement of water ring vacuum pump end cover

as a result of the vacuum pump end cover is made of iron, so it is easy to acid corrosion. After the end cover of the pump is corrosion, corrosion, convex platform will be end cover and the clearance between the pump body will increase, vacuum vacuum pump will be lost. In view of the above problems, resin clay is usually used in corrosion repair parts, but the internal perforated from corrosion. Clay on iron has a strong corrosive, the use of time is not long. If you want to improve the durability, it is recommended to use copper for maintenance, this can reduce corrosion and maintain a vacuum.

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