After the screw vacuum pump suction phenomenon will not work to do _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

screw vacuum pump can remove a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, but may occur after long-term use of screw vacuum pump suction phenomenon, has great effect on the normal operation of equipment. This will make the screw vacuum pump can't work normally.

1。 Screw vacuum pump used in high vacuum, no direct discharge of air. If the air directly discharge screw vacuum pump, the suction and discharge has too much pressure difference, the vacuum pump overload. Therefore, in order to ensure the high vacuum degree, must ensure that the clearance between the rotor.

2。 before must be installed at run time. Through the backing pump will absorb pressure in the system to a certain range start screw vacuum pump, can avoid screw vacuum pump overload.

in addition, due to the continuous rotation of the rotor, inhalation of gases from the air inlet are drawn into the space between the rotor and the pump shell, and then discharge through the vent port. Due to fully closed, the space after suction water pump chamber of the gas will not shrink and swell, but when the top of the rotor revolves around the edge of the vent, space connected with the exhaust side. Due to the high exhaust pressure, some gas washed back into space, leading to a sharp rise in the gas pressure. As the rotor continues to change, the gas will be from the eduction in pump.

screw vacuum pump is related to the daily maintenance work. Regular maintenance and maintenance problems in time can not only reduce equipment failures, and conducive to the use of equipment.

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