After reading this article, you don't have to panic _ the high temperature of pump failure

by:J&T     2020-05-18

using the heat pump heating cooling structure, changed the conventional water cooling structure, simple structure, small volume, save operating cost, good performance, use and reliable. It is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign oil pump of a new generation of products, the basic structure form. For single stage single suction cantilever support structure, the entrance of the axial suction pump, export vertical upward, the motor installed on the base.

heat pump can run stably for a long time, no leakage, no additional cooling system, safe and reliable. It has been widely used in heating medium heating system, has entered into the oil, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction, food and other industries, mainly used in transporting low corrosion of high temperature liquid. No solid particles, the use of temperature of 370 ° C or less, is the ideal hot oil circulation pump.

high temperature heat pump is axial suction, and vertical medium circulating pump. Liquid water transfer cycle medium do not contain particles, fibers, heat transfer oil, ethylene glycol, etc. inlet immersed in circulation in the liquid, export through pipe screw connection. No leakage, with exquisite appearance, high lift, fast speed, low noise, stable performance characteristics. Heat water pump is widely used in rubber injection machine, rubber extrusion equipment, small precision temperature control mold temperature machine, machine tool cooling fluid circulation, etc.

solve high temperature oil pump fault several skills

1. When there is no diesel fuel tank, you should quickly come on.

2。 When entering the fuel system of air, should loosen the fuel water pump and begin to discharge of oil, and then discharge air.

3。 Fuel filter and block or cleaning, should be cleaned after cleaning the pipe.

4。 If the oil pump is unable to provide, should according to the oil water pump test troubleshooting methods.

5。 Part of plunger is biting to remove plunger parts for maintenance or replacement.

6。 Oil cut and plunger sleeve is not properly sealed and removed, otherwise need to be replaced.

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