Acid-proof alkali pump plastic pipe material is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-26
When the water pump is in the use of acid and alkali resistant, many used in the configuration pipe is usually choose plastic pipe, plastic pipe is a lot of more phyletic, the corrosion resistance of also have different, then affects the service life, improper selection of light weight will be according to the corrosion leakage and other problems. General plastic pipe is made from polymer, has the advantage of light deadweight, health security, small flow resistance, save energy, save metal and improve the living environment, long service life, safe and convenient wait for a characteristic. Here are several kinds of material of the plastic pipe performance; One, the water supply pipe PE (PE Polyethylene) Material due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, etc, are widely used in feed pipe manufacturing. Because will not rust, so is an ideal pipe to replace ordinary iron feed pipe. Plastic pipe in our country develops very fast, the quality is improving. Including polyethylene PE pipe due to its unique advantages is widely used in building water supply, drainage, construction of buried pipes, building heating, pipelines, electrical and telecommunications protection tube for casing, pipe used in industry, agriculture, etc. Features: 1, the corrosion resistance: polyethylene has excellent corrosion resistance, good sanitary performance and longer service life. No polyethylene as the inert materials, except a few strong oxidizer, resistant to many kinds of chemical erosion, and not easy to breed bacteria. Polyethylene pipe service life is long. 2, flexibility: polyethylene has a unique flexibility and excellent scratch resistance ability. Polyethylene pipe system of flexible has great technical and economic value. Flexible is one of the important properties of polyethylene, it greatly improve the value of the material for pipeline engineering. Good flexible make polyethylene pipe can volume, supply to the longer length, avoid a large number of joints and fittings. Second, the feed water with rigid polyvinyl chloride ( PVC - U) Pipe PVC or PVC, PVC - U means rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of plastic, because most add lead salt in production, so it is harmful to human body. Only a few useless lead salt production is the feed pipe can be used as water supply with environmental protection. Features: high hardness, stiffness and allowable stress; Anti-aging ability is good, durable, corrosion resistant, low price, easy to glue, self-extinguishing; Recycling, simplicity of easy installation, good sealing. Three, drainage with PVC - PVC - U pipe U in health level of PVC pipe ( PVC) Resin as main raw materials, adding suitable amount of the stabilizer, lubricant, filler, toner, etc by the plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine, through cooling and solidifying, finalize the design, testing, packaging and other processes to complete the production of pipes, pipe fittings. It is an ideal material to building water supply and drainage. Features: excellent physical and chemical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, high impact strength, fluid resistance small, compared with diameter cast iron pipe flow is increased by 30%, ageing resistance, long service life, qualitative light, durable, easy installation, powerfully accelerates the construction schedule. Four, underground drainage with PVC - U double-wall corrugated pipe buried sewage, wastewater with hard PVC pipe, PVC resin as the main raw material, add the necessary additive of mix ingredients, after extrusion forming production. Buried sewage, waste water press with pvc-u pipe connection in different ways, can be divided into the elastic sealing ring connection pipe ( φ 110mm- φ 630mm) And bonding type connecting pipe ( φ 110mm- φ 200毫米) 。 Considering the chemical resistance and heat resistance of the material under the condition of pipe can be buried sewage, waste water use for industrial drainage pipes. Appearance: pipe inside and outside the wall there is no air bubbles, sand holes, obviously the impurities and specifications. The ends of the pipe should be flat and vertical axis. Tube color should be uniform. Pipe voids inside and outside wall should be closely welding, should not appear off phenomenon. Features: excellent flame retardant performance and shock resistance; Products inside smooth; The outer wall corrugated, corrugated hollow structure, make the product light, high ring stiffness. Five, the underground drainage with PE double-wall corrugated pipe buried drainage with PE double-wall corrugated pipe is a kind of polyethylene as raw material, after extruding and special molding process, the lining is smooth, the outer wall is closed corrugated type is a new type of lightweight steel tubes, good performance, good quality, suitable for all kinds of engineering, are widely used in municipal sewage drainage, farmland/garden irrigation and drainage, building underground drainage, mine, tunnel ventilation, drainage, communication cable, optical cable case, all kinds of road drainage, stadium. Appearance: pipe inside and outside layer of the respective color uniform, outer general is black; The outer wall of pipes are not allowed to have blister, sag, impurities and irregular wave; The ends of the pipe should level off, and perpendicular to the axis is located in the trough zone. Features: ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life; Inner surface is smooth, small flow resistance, no scale; Leakage of sealing good, not easy; Anti-seismic, impact resistance. Six, PE winding structure wall pipes with high density polyethylene resin as the main raw material for the technology products, using hot winding molding process is made, weld seam quality is excellent. Fused unique socket connection technology, make sure that the interface of zero leakage; Pipe fitting supporting ability, can form perfect, zero leakage of the piping system. Widely used in all sorts of different depth and soil environment, the rain water pipe network laying underground underground pipe rack, rain sewage collection system. Characteristics: strong resistance to chemical corrosion and erosion. Flexibility, good resistance to impact strength. Cold resistance, ageing resistance, the connection is simple, safe and reliable. Wear resistant property and drainage superior performance, good health, can be used recycling.
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