Acid-base centrifugal pump mechanical seal leakage to do, how to solve!

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Acid-base centrifugal water pump is a centrifugal pump with corrosion resistant, generally made of fluorine plastic centrifugal pump and the stainless steel centrifugal pump, centrifugal pump usually adopts mechanical seal, mechanical seal is the combination of dynamic and static seal, acid and alkali centrifugal pump for a long time, how shall we solve the leak mechanical seal, seal leakage of production will bring a lot of trouble, solve the seal leakage must first understand the cause of the mechanical seal principle and leak, people on the analysis of the mechanical seal leakage reason, habits in terms of mechanical seal themselves to find the reason, for example, its selection is appropriate, selection of materials is correct, the sealing surface pressure is correct. Friction pair is reasonable, the choice of end cover and the shaft is vertical, etc. , and seldom in external conditions to find the reason of mechanical seal, mechanical seal is a important external cause, such as: the conditions of the pump mechanical seal for suitability, auxiliary system configuration is appropriate, and so on. A, principle and requirements of mechanical seal mechanical seal refers to two pieces of packing element in its perpendicular to the axis of a smooth and flat surface fit each other, and the relative rotation of sealing device, he usually consists of static ring, ring, spring load device ( Including the ring, spring box) Auxiliary seal ring ( Ring sealing ring and static ring sealing ring) Element composition and so on, turn the inside of the set of stop pin is fixed on the outer gland, in order to prevent the static ring rotation. Ring and static ring of the end face of a pair of friction pair, ring seal interior liquid pressure make its end face pressure on the static ring end face, and on the two ring end face to produce the proper pressure and maintain a very thin layer of liquid membrane and sealed, so from the point of structure, mechanical seal main axial seal is it easy to leak, change is not easy to leak end face seal, mechanical seal in the actual operation process, not a separate parts, it is combined with other parts, at the same time, through its basic principle can be seen that the normal operation of the mechanical seal must meet the following conditions: 1, the mechanical seal of pump shaft deflection is small, only meet such external causes, coupled with good mechanical seal performance itself, to achieve the ideal sealing effect. 2, the pump shaft amount can't be too big. Second, the external factor affecting the pumps with mechanical seal, pump shaft deflection of large shaft bending deformation when centroid along the direction perpendicular to the axis of cross section of line displacement is called deflection, mechanical seal requirements to receive strength evenly between the two seal face. But as a result of pump product design is not reasonable, in the mechanical seal installation deflection is larger, the seal force is not uniform, thus lose the sealing effect. Most of this kind of phenomenon exist horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump. 2, vibration is larger and eliminating measures often is not a mechanical seal mechanical seal vibration partial own reasons, but the pump shaft design is not reasonable, the machining accuracy is not enough, back wheel of parallelism slants big, big radial force, eliminate water pump vibration measures are: pump, motor, base, auxiliary equipment such as pipeline installation at the scene, to strictly control and eliminate the vibration source. 3, axial channeling quantity of mechanical seal of pump shaft sealing face must have certain specific pressure ( 0. 4 to 0. 6MPa) Ends, so as to achieve the aim of sealing, the close close degree can be regulated by the spring. In order to ensure that the specific pressure, pump shaft are requested not to have too much of a leap into the amount ( ≤ 0. 5毫米) , but in actual production, often pump shaft produce very big quantity. The use of mechanical seal is very bad, this kind of situation in my factory in the process of pump start-up, but because of the unbalance axial force, make the whole axis to the suction of channeling, cause lose seal, mechanical seal commonly used measures are: the impeller on the opening balance hole, balance of water pump body jacket pipe, etc. 4, no auxiliary flushing system or auxiliary flushing system design is not reasonable mechanical seal auxiliary flushing of the system is very important, it can effectively protect the sealing surface, cooling, lubrication, wash away the groceries, etc. Sometimes designers design is unreasonable, can not meet the sealing effect; Some design of auxiliary system, but because there are impurities in the flushing fluid, washing fluid flow, pressure is not enough, rinse mouth position design is not reasonable, also cannot achieve effect.
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