Acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive pump motor loss is too high?

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive pump is commonly used in the production of industrial pumps, the particularity of acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant performance, the importance of users will often go on the corrosion resistance performance is good, decay resistance comprehensive anticorrosive pump, anticorrosive pump with fluorine plastic anti-corrosion water pump, anhui gold stainless steel anti-corrosion pumps, anti-corrosion wear-resistant pumps, anti-corrosion pumps are usually in the form of motor, because of the transmission medium is different, the motor loss too much to do, motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy at the same time, itself also loss of energy, generally can be divided into variable motor loss loss, fixed loss and stray loss. 1. Variable loss is changing with load, including loss of stator resistance ( Copper loss) And rotor resistance loss and brush resistance loss. 2. Fixed loss has nothing to do with the load, including the core loss and mechanical wear and tear. Iron loss is composed of magnetic hysteresis loss and eddy current loss, and is proportional to the square of the voltage, the hysteresis loss also is inversely proportional to the frequency. 3. Other stray loss is mechanical losses and other losses, including bearing friction loss and the fan, rotor caused by the rotating wind resistance loss, etc. Several measures to reduce the loss of motor, the stator loss: lower the I ^ 2 r loss of motor stator main methods are: 1, the increase of the stator slot sectional area, the stator diameter under the same condition, the increase of the stator slot sectional area reduces the area of magnetic circuit, increase tooth flux density. 2, increase the rate of the stator slot full trough, the effect of the low pressure little motor, application of best cross-sectional areas of winding and insulation size, big can increase the rate of stator full tank. 3, try to shorten the stator winding end minister degrees, loss of the stator winding end winding 1/4 to 1/2 of the total loss, reduce the winding end minister degrees, can improve the motor efficiency. Experimental results show that the minister degree is reduced by 20%, loss dropped by 10%. Second, the stray loss; Now understanding of stray loss of the motor is still in research stage, now some of the main way to reduce stray losses are: 1, heat treatment and finish machining are adopted to decrease the rotor surface of short circuit. 2, rotor slot surface insulation treatment. 3, through improvement on the design of the stator winding to reduce harmonic. 4, improvement on the design of rotor slot coordination and cooperation to reduce the harmonic, increased or, rotor tooth trough, trough the rotor design into the chute, using combination of sine winding, spread and short distance windings can greatly reduce the higher harmonic; With magnetic slot mud or the place of traditional insulating magnetic slot wedge groove, the use of magnetic slot wedge mud filled motor stator core slot, is one of the effective methods to reduce additional stray loss. Third, the wind friction loss; Wind friction loss accounts for about 25% of the total losses, motor should be brought to the attention of the people should have. Friction loss are bearing and seal, but by the following measures: 1, try to reduce the size of the shaft, but need to meet the requirements of output torque and rotor dynamics. 2, using efficient bearings. 3, using efficient lubrication system and lubricant. 4, the use of advanced sealing technology. Four, rotor loss: loss of motor rotor the I ^ 2 r mainly related to the rotor current and the rotor resistance, the corresponding energy saving methods mainly include: 1, reduce the rotor current, it can be from two aspects of improving voltage and motor power factor to consider. 2, increase the rotor slot sectional area. 3, reduce the resistance of the rotor winding, such as use coarse wire of materials and low resistance, the small motor is meaningful, because of the small motor is cast aluminum rotor commonly, if USES the cast copper rotor, motor total losses can be reduced by 10% ~ 15%, but the current needed to manufacture high temperature casting copper rotor and technology has not yet universal, its cost is 15% ~ 20% higher than that of cast aluminum rotor. Five, the core loss; Motor iron loss can be diminished by the following measures: 1, reduce the magnetic density, increase the length of the iron core is to reduce the magnetic flux density, but the motor with iron content increases. 2, to reduce the thickness of the iron chip to reduce the loss of the induced current, such as cold rolled silicon steel sheet instead of hot rolled silicon steel sheet can reduce the thickness of the silicon steel sheet, but thin iron core will increase the number of iron chip and motor manufacturing costs. 3, use the good permeability properties of cold rolled silicon steel sheet to reduce hysteresis losses. 4, using high-performance insulation coating iron chip. 5, heat treatment and manufacturing technology, iron chip processing after the serious influence the loss of the motor, the residual stress of silicon steel sheet processing, cutting direction, punching shear effect on the core loss is bigger. Along the direction of the rolled silicon steel sheet cutting, and the silicon steel plate heat treatment, can reduce the loss of 10% ~ 20% and other methods to achieve.
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