Abnormal reason - vacuum pump to start

by:J&T     2020-06-29

abnormal vacuum pump starts, vacuum pump maintenance experts what

pointed out that in the process of vacuum water pump maintenance, often encounter the following fault conditions: can't start the vacuum pump; ( 2) Vacuum pump can not achieve ultimate vacuum; ( 3) Vacuum pump gas too slow; ( 4) Vacuum pump working temperature is too high; ( 5) Vacuum pump noise is too big; Vacuum pump oil. This article mainly discusses the vacuum pump can't start the problems were analyzed. Used vacuum pump users should know, if they have long time no use vacuum pump or malfunction, vacuum pumps can't normal start. Vacuum pump once started, for example, will suddenly stop, can't even start. When abnormal vacuum pump starts, vacuum pump maintenance expert opinion is what?

when abnormal vacuum pump starts, vacuum pump maintenance expert opinion is what? This requests us in a timely manner to find out the cause of the problem, in order to determine and analyze the corresponding solutions.

usually, there are several reasons why vacuum pumps can't normal boot. Clarify the reason and solution:

1. Drive motor voltage is not correct or overload.

solution: provide the correct voltage for the motor.

2。 Starter motor overload protection is too small or the set value is too low.

the solution: set the starter motor overload protection of data comparison with data of motor nameplates, if necessary. If the environment temperature is high; The set value according to the normal motor current is increased by 5%.

3。 The fuse blew out.

the solution: check the fuse.

4。 If the vacuum pump is equipped with ac motor; Damage of motor capacitor.

the solution: repair or replace the motor. ( By the vacuum pump maintenance professionals operation)

5。 Check the usage of vacuum pump oil. Vacuum pump oil, the oil temperature is too low, oil deterioration, vacuum pump oil filled with vacuum pump chamber. Have observed oil emulsion ( White foam) Or carbide ( Black) 。 The deterioration of the vacuum pump oil will affect the friction between the rotor and rotor, and lead to leaf card in the pump chamber.

the solution: replace the vacuum pump oil, remove the vacuum pump repair cylinder body parts, such as if the blades severely damaged, replace the vacuum pump blades.

6。 Vacuum pump or motor stuck.

solution: confirm the motor has been closed, and disconnect fan cover. Motor and pump driven by manual. If the hand did not move, remove the motor from the pump, check the vacuum pump and motor respectively. If the vacuum pump stuck, please timely repair.

7。 Suction tube is blocked.

the solution: dismantling the suction pipe, single pump operation, touch the entry and exit, see if the pump can work normally. If can't pumping air pump at this time, it is the pump itself.

8。 The pump itself. The commonly used vacuum pump is usually of the sliding vane type. This support spring between the sliding vane pump to stagger, lead to sliding vane won't stick on the wall. In this case, the pump will often have abnormal noise. Severe wear of sliding vane, sealed.

the solution: remove the water pump head, check whether the sliding vane is can work normally. If the problem is the spring, please replace the spring. Severe wear of sliding vane, need to be replaced.

9。 Lubricating oil for a long time have no replacement, solid sediment blocked the import and export channels.

the solution: open the pump head, replace the lubricating oil, clean with gasoline or diesel pump head.

10。 Relay answering device failure.

the solution: replace the relay.

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