A typical configuration - of water ring vacuum pump suction unit

by:J&T     2020-07-02

the use of water ring vacuum pumps need to maintain a certain vacuum degree, the need to configure the vacuum gauge to observe the pressure of the system. It is part of the negative pressure device. In order to make people better understand the negative pressure device configuration, and then I will tell you what is a typical configuration.

1。 Water ring vacuum pump is mainly composed of two 2 bv6161 water ring vacuum water pump, a liquid ring vacuum pump working liquid circulation system and water pump set of internal connection pipe, instruments and valves. At the entrance of a water ring vacuum pump set a pneumatic butterfly valve, check valve to prevent due to the sudden closure of the water ring vacuum pump working fluid backflow, thus affect the water pump system and roots pump. Pressure transmitter is set at the entrance of the liquid ring vacuum device, and connected to the user programmable controller system, in order to monitor the system pressure.

2。 At the same time, also provides a pressure gage to field observation system.

3。 Inlet pump group is equipped with filter, convenient for users to install pipes, avoid or dust into the equipment in the particles of the startup.

4。 equipping with return line and stop valve, easy to adjust the system pressure.

5。 Water ring vacuum pump using methanol as working fluid. When used, the working fluid injected gas-liquid separator to normal level, at the same time open water ring vacuum pump working fluid supply valves.

6。 Working fluid into the water ring vacuum pump. After compressed by water ring vacuum pumps, suction gas and working together into the liquid is placed in the side of gas liquid separator. Through the separator at the top of the vent gas in tail gas condenser. Condensate gas into and then be sent to the related piping. Working fluids are condenser cooling, and then continue to recycle.

7。 Gas-liquid separator is equipped with magnetic flap, liquid level transmitter can work field display and remote monitoring level. At the same time, the control of pneumatic ball valve opening for filling water.

parts of water ring vacuum pump suction unit is an important part of a vacuum pump, thus for suction unit, the parts need to be in a good condition, to ensure that the basic properties of the vacuum pump.

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