A summary of the details of the vacuum pump repair _ vacuum pump manufacturer

by:J&T     2020-06-02

are the details of the vacuum pump maintenance by a professional manufacturer of vacuum pump group, hope to be of help. Vacuum pump, rotary variable volume lose pump, including dry screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, reciprocating pump, plunger pump, vane pump, roots pump and diffusion pump, which has a wide range of pressure. Possesses the characteristics of large pumping speed and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic paint and other industries. The quality of the vacuum pump depends on the quality of its mechanical structure and oil. When using the vacuum pump must be protected. If distilled from high volatile organic solvent, the organic solvent will increase the vapor pressure for oil absorption, thus reducing the pump efficiency. If is acidic gas, it will corrosion oil pump. If it is water vapor, it will make the oil into the turbid liquid in the vacuum pump.

when using vacuum pump vacuum pump manufacturer must pay attention to the following

1. Must be installed between the distillation system and vacuum pump absorption device.

2。 Before distillation, must use the pump to remove organic solvent in the system of steam completely.

3。 If you could please flush, use water pump as much as possible. For example, if the distillation of materials containing volatile substances, can pump the time, and then switch to the oil pump.

4。 The relief system must be kept closed and airtight. All rubber plug should have the same size and size. Rubber hose shall be the vacuum hose. On the ground glass coated with vacuum grease.

about vacuum pump repair and maintenance methods, please put forward the following Suggestions

1. Vacuum device should be installed in a clean environment. It does not apply to debris, dust or water. High temperature area is not suitable for.

2。 First installing a vacuum pump, please check whether the motor is rotating, the direction of the motor and pump in the direction of the rotor. Usually, the motor with the motor running direction.

3。 Before start the vacuum pump for a long time, we should start the vacuum pump intermittently several times.

4。 After long time stop using vacuum pump, vacuum pump should be emptying.

5。 Operation of the vacuum pump, the oil temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees. If the oil temperature is too high due to failure, please contact the vacuum pump manufacturer for repair.

6。 If potentially dangerous vacuum pump, such as inhaled impurities, dust, humidity, chemicals, etc. , should be installed at the entrance of the vacuum pump precision filter. If impurities, dirt and water amount is too large, you must install a piggy bank. In order to prevent impurities such as dust and moisture chemicals into the vacuum pump.

7。 If you need vacuum water pump running 24 hours, you must repair every six months a vacuum pump.

8。 During the normal operation of vacuum water pump, vacuum pump oil in oil should be kept in line. Should be about two-thirds of the oil mirror to use. Come on, it is forbidden to mix different brands and models of vacuum pump oil.

9。 Vacuum pump oil should be replaced periodically. Normally, should be every 3 - Replaced every 6 months. If it is found that the pump oil was emulsified or carbide, should replace the vacuum pump for oil in a timely manner.

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