A minute to understand repair methods of centrifugal pump pump shaft with measured steps

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Centrifugal pump is widely used in chemical production and life, common equipment, turn the pump shaft centrifugal pump used motor, drive the impeller rotation to complete delivery, motor in turn the pump shaft, such as the pump shaft bending, the pump failure, serious damage to the pump and the accident directly, so how to repair a centrifugal pump, pump shaft pump shaft bent how measurement, what are the steps? A, centrifugal water pump, pump shaft repair precision, high pressure centrifugal pump structure, small gap between dynamic and static parts of rotor speed is high, the axial load is heavy, so strict in shaft. Shaft bending generally does not allow more than 0. 5 mm, otherwise direct axis should be carried out. After the collapse of that the pump shaft is one of the following circumstances, should be replaced a new shaft. The surface of the shaft crack; The surface of the shaft has been high speed water scouring and appear deep trench, especially in the keyway, shaft bending is very big, many direct axis and bending. For the pump shaft parts have hair or wear elbow, thermal spraying or plating process used for repair. Second, the centrifugal water pump shaft bending measurement for measuring centrifugal pump shaft bending, shall be carried out at room temperature. Most of the shaft can be flat or smooth concrete floor, the journal on both ends of the support on the ball or v-shaped iron is measured, and heavy shaft such as steam turbine rotor shaft, generally on the bearing of ontology. Before measuring axial channeling move should be limited to 0. Less than 1 mm. Three, measurement of shaft bending steps are as follows: 1, the axis along the axial direction, etc, the measurement section is divided into several measuring surface should choose as far as possible without wear and burr in a perfect circle smooth shaft section. 2, the end face of shaft can be divided into several equal parts ( General into eight equal parts) 。 Coupling shaft, according to the coupling bolt hole equal, there is no shaft coupling, keyway as equal starting point, and on a permanent mark. Locations, such as measuring point, after all the measurement records should be consistent with these marks. 3, install the dial indicator in measuring position ( In each measurement section to a dial indicator) , measuring rod to the vertical axis, through the axis of the center, to reduce the large needle to & other; 5 0' Place, the small needle transferred to the middle range, then slowly rotating the auxiliary circuit, whose hands should be returned to the starting point. 4, will slowly rotating shaft in the same direction, in order to measure each point reading, and make records, each section at 8 o 'clock. Measure each section should be measured twice, in order to check, every time the rotation Angle should be consistent, reading error should be less than 0. 005mm。 5, according to the record, calculate the bending value of each section. Take half relative to the difference of two points within the same section, draw the phase diagram. 6, the same value of the axial section bending in cartesian coordinate system. Ordinate said bending value, abscissa axis length and the distance between each measurement section. According to the value curve to the bitmap can be associated with two straight lines, intersection of two straight lines for approximate maximum bending points, then at that point the sides measuring points, each point measured into a smooth curve with two straight lines tangent, constitute an axis of bending curve.
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